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Using the App

How can I access Direct2Care?
You can download the Direct2Care app on the Apple App Store or Google Play and can connect on your phone or tablet after you have registered for an account.
How do I start a visit?
Anytime, day or night, simply open the Direct2Care app. You will be asked a few questions about where you are located and how you are feeling. From there, you will enter a virtual waiting room while we connect you to your provider.
I am having trouble connecting with the provider – what should I do?
Our Direct2Care Customer Care Team will be managing your visit from the moment you request a visit, until you disconnect. Internet connectivity issues can result from a variety of sources. Please use the chat function in the app or call (833) 888-7566 to let the customer care representative know what you are experiencing to troubleshoot systems and get your visit connected.
Do my family members have their own accounts?

Depends on their age. Use the guidelines here and contact us with any questions.

14 years old and older: Family members will be sent an invitation to download the app and register their account. You will still be required to provide parental consent in order for them to be treated virtually.

13 years old and younger: Parents/guardians will need to request a visit on their behalf and provide consent for members to be treated virtually.


How long will I wait to see a provider?
The average wait-time for a Direct2Care appointment is just 6 minutes. Wait times rarely exceed 10 minutes. Typically, appointments last about 15 minutes.
Is there a time limit when I see my doctor?
Not at all! Our providers are here for you – take your time and make sure you get all of your questions answered.
Who will I talk to?
You will be directly connected to a board-certified medical provider licensed to practice medicine in the state where you are located.
What is a visit like?
Your provider will appear, introduce themselves, ask a few questions about your medical history and discuss, diagnose, and treat your current condition. Your provider may also order labs or imaging studies if needed. For appointment examples, please visit the appointments page.
How do I communicate with my provider after the visit?
Any communication can be sent directly through the patient portal.
How much will it cost?
Your visits and your dependents’ visits with Direct2Care providers are fully covered by your employer. The cost of prescription medications, labs, or imaging studies ordered by your provider are not covered by the service.
What if my dependent(s) or myself require an interpreter?
While many of our providers are multilingual, Direct2Care utilizes a visit interpretation service that can provide translation in over 200 languages, including ASL.

Care Questions

Which family members are eligible for Direct2Care?
All members of your household are eligible to use Direct2Care under your employers plan.
Can I get a prescription?
Yes, your Direct2Care provider can prescribe certain medications for you and will immediately send prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice. Direct2Care providers don’t issue prescription substances controlled by the DEA, and/or certain drugs which may be harmful because of their potential abuse. Non-therapeutic drugs such as Viagra and Cialis may be prescribed by your Direct2Care provider.
I need a note for work or my child’s school, how do I get that?
During your visit, be sure to let your provider know that a work note will be needed. It will be sent to you via the Direct2Care patient portal.
What conditions can you treat?
Direct2Care providers are trained in a variety of specialties and can treat most common illnesses and injuries. Any patients with conditions that can not be treated safely or effectively in a virtual visit will be guided to the next step. Our Care Coordination Team is here to provide referrals to low-cost or in network specialists, if available in your area.
Can I get support for mental health conditions?
Your Direct2Care subscription includes Virtual Counseling and Psychiatric Medication Management Services for adults (18+), delivered online by our mental-health partner, Thriveworks. Appointments are coordinated within 48-72 hours of your request. Individuals who require in-person mental health visits will be guided by our Care Coordination Team.
What does mental health mean?
This can range from stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, and career troubles.
What does Injury Management mean?
Injury management is for minor cuts and scrapes, minor burns and sprains, strains, and falls. If additional care or therapy is necessary, Direct2Care will refer you to an individualized specialist.
What are Prescription Discounts?
We will do our very best to help you save at the pharmacy. Our providers will help you find any applicable discounts based on prescription type, brand, and location of your pharmacy.
What Specialty Referrals can Direct2Care provide?
Direct2Care can provide you with individualized referrals to dentists, chiropractors, and physical therapists.
If I have health insurance, can I use it with Direct2Care?
Yes, especially for prescriptions and for specialty referrals.

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