70% of In-Person Clinical Visits Can Be Done Virtually

Our board-certified medical providers can help you with many of your healthcare needs, keeping you out of urgent care.

Injury Advising

Home treatment vs. referral to urgent care or ER


Medication refills and help navigating pharmacy discounts

Medical Imaging

Imaging orders with follow up and review of results

Lab Work

Lab orders with follow up and review of results


Dental and other specialty referrals


Rashes, skin complaints, moles and warts

Sexual Health

STI’s, erectile dysfunction and birth control

Cold & Flu

Fever, cough/congestion, vomiting and diarrhea


Asthma and allergies

Bladder & Kidneys

Urinary tract infections and other complaints

Care Navigation

Individualized guidance on navigating the healthcare system


Muscle/joint pain and arthritis

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